How to contact me? Either: 

Email: lynne@lrsportsmassage.co.uk or

Mobile: 07781 166978 (my new Channel Islands number)


Please note:

From December 2015 I will have relocated from Leicestershire to Alderney, Channel Islands

If you are based in Leicestershire you can use registers on the following web sites to find an alternative therapist: www.thesma.org or www.cnhc.org.uk

I have included recommended alternative therapists and physios in my Links page.

Are you recovering from injury?

Are you suffering from aches and pains?

Are you stiff from sitting at a desk all day?

Do you want to regain and retain pain free movement?!

….You have come to the right place!

The information on this website goes some way to explaining the treatments I offer and how I can help you to feel relaxed, energised and able to move freely again.

About Me…

Profile outsideI am a fully qualified Sport and Remedial Massage (SRM) therapist. Qualified to the highest level of SRM currently possible in the UK, BTEC Level 5, through the Institute of Sport & Remedial Massage (www.theisrm.com). I am a Full member of the SMA, Association for Soft Tissue Therapists (www.thesma.org) and the CNHC, Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council (www.cnhc.org.uk), and therefore am in a unique position to provide a comprehensive assessment and treatment schedule to all – from elite athletes to the occasional exerciser to those who are in constant pain and unable to exercise.

My experience ranges from treating the Leicester Lions rugby team right through to a petite and delicate lady suffering acute back pain as a result of a car accident – adaptability is my middle name!

My ethos is about treating the whole person. You might have a pain in your shoulder…but on investigation (through a relevant combination of postural assessment, functional movement, discussion and palpation of the soft tissues) I might find that the pain in the shoulder is referred from a muscle imbalance in the lower back or even legs!

Our bodies are made up of a complex matrix of soft and hard tissue. Hard tissue is bone and soft tissue is everything else…muscles, tendons, ligaments. All of which are surrounded by connective tissue, or fascia. The connective tissue around muscles is called myofascia.

But now I start to get onto subjects that deserve proper explanation! That is to come…

Sport Massage or Remedial Massage?

You do not have to be a sporty person to benefit from massage. Clearly if you do any form of sport or exercise, and especially if you take part in a lot of physical exercise, you will find you recover quicker and suffer fewer niggles and strains if you have a regular massage as part of your training regime. The next page (Sport or Remedial Massage?) goes into more detail on how a deep tissue massage can benefit you regardless of sporting level.

Remedial massage is also for anyone. In fact, if you are doing little or no exercise because of pain in your back, leg, arm, neck, joints etc., maybe as a result of an accident, operation or injury, then I can help ease the tension that has built up in muscles, tendons and ligaments allowing you to experience pain free movement again (or vastly reduced pain at the very least!).

Please take a look around my website and blogs for more information about how I can treat general or specific conditions, how a maintenance massage can benefit you and the various techniques I use to ease away the pain and tension.

If you have any queries at all, please don’t hesitate to contact me on:

07781 166978




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